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Volunteers ham it up in the new year — thanks Aldi USA!

Partner Aldi USA helped us kick off the new year in style this year with the donation of dozens of spiral cut hams. Every year our partner companies and agencies donate thousands of dollars worth of food that we share with hundreds of clients each week. The number of clients we serve has grown steadily over the years and so has the generous spirit of our partners. We thank them all and wish them a happy and prosperous 2017!

Statistics from our January 7, 2017 distribution:

Farm Share $7074 worth of food including 450 frozen chicken, $256 worth of bread and sweets
Publix $500 bread, pastries
Aldi USA $700 Worth of spiral hams
Many Individuals Clothing
$80 T-Shirt bags from BJ’s
$100 Bread from Flowers Bakery
Clients and Volunteers
380 Bags of food distributed
380 People picked up food
39 New families registered
1329 Individuals benefited from the bag of food
86 Volunteers participated in distribution activities



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