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Happy Halloween!!!

Hope you give and receive lots of treats – no tricks!  Halloween was my daughter’s favorite holiday.  She loved leaving the house with a big empty bag and returning home with a bag full of candy – more candy than anyone could ever eat – an overabundance of delights.  Her eyes sparkled as she counted and sorted and chewed.

I have seen that same sparkle in the eyes of those who visit our food pantry.  They are excited by the bag filled with food they receive – and the thought that they can prepare a solid dinner for their family – their children.  It is that glimmer of hope and delight that keeps us all volunteering.  We share.  We make a difference! 

Farm Share Pickup

For this distribution we pick up at Farm Share on WEDNESDAY, Nov. 2, not the expected Tuesday, Nov. 1.  Farm Share has inventory on Nov. 1 so our pickup day is changed.

Friday Preparation Times

In order to encourage participation from community organizations as well as church members, note that clothes will be put out on tables and pastries/bread bagged beginning at 3:30pm on Friday.  Food bagging starts at 4:30pm.


The Food Pantry Team

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