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Putting monetary donations to good use…

Your contributions to the food pantry are so important – no matter how much – the impact is critical.  Your faithful monetary donations are used to buy discount cereals, cookies, canned goods, etc. from Feeding South Florida – like $60 for 420 big boxes of cereal or $135 for 675 cans of food – now that’s a good deal!   And to purchase supplies like brown paper bags from Aldi’s – 800 are needed on a 2 bag distribution day.  At 6 cents apiece, that’s $48.00.  And let’s not forget –  fuel for our new truck!!

Much of what we distribute is donated, but more is needed to keep our food pantry running.  THANK YOU for your continuous support.

We are touching lives – Making a difference – Blessing so many lives and helping people smile … again!

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