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Spring brings a growing number of clients, plenty of food and awesome volunteers!


As the spring days grew longer, so did the lines of people waiting at the gates for our Saturday morning distributions and no one went away empty handed! Our partners showered us with food in April so we had plenty to give and also plenty of people helping make things work smoothly.

Nearly 80 volunteers leant a helping  hand each distribution weekend in April and that’s just counting the ones who remembered sign it. We can’t begin to count the hours our core volunteers spend collecting bread and pastries from Publix and massive grocery donations from Aldi each month but we couldn’t get along without them. We also can’t thank them enough for their commitment.


This month we received 13,799 cans of food from Farm Share alone — a backbreaking number that makes us all appreciate our pallet jack a little more. With the help of our band of committed volunteers, we managed to get them bagged up and distributed along with 200 ten pound bags of frozen chicken, hundreds of breads and pastries and many other food items donated by our partners.

In April we averaged of 360 clients at each distribution. When the number of people in each household is tallied, we know that we are reaching almost 1,300 members of our community each weekend.

We couldn’t do it without volunteers! We extend our heartfelt thanks to all who pitch in to make this possible and our welcome to anyone who would like to join us next time.

Many thinks to all!

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