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Stocking pantries, sharing love!

Chicken, potatoes, canned veggies and cookies! Our latest Saturday morning distribution offered a mixed bag, actually two nice, full bags, of staples items and goodies that will reach the tables of the over 350 families who visited our food pantry on March 19.

The allotment of food we receive from our local Farm Share Food Bank, which consists of federally funded,  USDA supplied canned, dry and frozen commodities earmarked to supplement the diets of the needy, currently provides us with enough food to serve 400 families twice monthly. This allows us to assemble generous bags of grocery items for our clients.

Our food pantry also has access to Feeding South Florida’s Agency Express Marketplace which enables us to purchase supplemental food products from their inventory at bargain prices. This allows us to stretch our donated funds to  include cereal bars and an occasional bag of cookies for a treat.

If you  would like to share the joy of helping others, join us for our Friday afternoon assembly sessions or Saturday morning distributions — volunteers are warmly welcomed!

March 19 statistics


Farm Share 5716 cans of food + 200 10# bags of frozen chicken + 400 5# bags of potatoes
Publix $350 bread items
Sweet Delights Cake served to clients with their coffee
Clothing Many individuals

Clients and Volunteers

353 People picked up a bag of food
22 New clients
1261 Individuals benefited from the bag of food
76 Volunteers participated in distribution activities

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