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February’s off to a good start!

The mystery is settled.  The answer is clear.  Punxutawney Phil and his groundhog friends have declared an early spring for 2016!  This is a big relief to our neighbors to the north – for us, not so much.  We dedicate our distribution this weekend to Phil and all his hard work.  For the 4rth week in a row we will be providing our clients with 2 big bags of food and a bag of pastries.  That’s definitely something to get excited about.

Hope you can join us this weekend – many hands are needed to prepare and distribute.  You will be blessed!

Statistics from our January 23 distribution:


Farm Share 7032 cans of food and 420 bags of fresh apples
Aldi’s $1000 meat, yogurt, etc
Publix $350 bread items
Branches Publix Gift Cards $1250
Clothing Many individuals

Clients and Volunteers

322 People picked up a bag of food
32 New clients
1438 Individuals benefited from the bag of food
81 Volunteers participated in distribution activities

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