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Helping stock pantries for Christmas…

We had a great turnout at Saturday’s distribution in spite of an unusually rainy start to the Christmas season. Bags overflowed with staple items and goodies alike.

Our USDA allotment from Farm Share was unusually generous and included items that will enhance the holiday cooking in many households. In addition to boxes of raisins and bags of dried cherries, we received vegetable oil for the first time.

A BIG thank you to Boy Scout Troop 314.  They have been a consistent presence for the preparation and distribution activities of the food pantry.  We appreciate their loyal partnership with our food pantry and their commitment to making a difference in our community!


Farm Share 7351 pounds of food worth $12,866
Aldi’s 100 meat, bread, cheese, milk items
Publix 450 bread items
Sweet Delights Cake to serve clients with their coffee
Clothing Many individuals!

Clients and Volunteers

284!!! People picked up a bag of food
34 New clients
1013 Individuals benefited from the bag of food
64 Volunteers participated in distribution activities; including Boy Scout Troop 314.


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