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Cornerstone Food Pantry continues to grow!

Prepping 20 more bagsRegistering new clientsSaturday, November 7 — Distribution this morning was amazing thanks to all of you!  Lots of contributions from our community partners.  And so many clients who came to our door.  Each family received a large paper bag of food – a plastic bag with pastry and bread – and a cloth bag with chicken or other meat and graham crackers. Five tables were filled with clothes – only one small bag remained.  The prayer table was busy.  And the coffee was flowing! 

Our food pantry is a growing ministry.  We need YOU!  Come be a vehicle of hope in our community.  Contact Linda Burton – 305.632.9794 or Miriam Bigenho at 305.233.7457.

Farm Share Non-perishable USDA food allotment
Pnecrest Academy 5,000 assorted cans
Aldi’s 100 bread & bakery items; snack chips, frozen meat – 40 packages
Publix 450 bread & bakery items
Sweet Delights Cake to serve clients with their coffee
Clients and Volunteers
307!!! People picked up a bag of food
1056 Individuals benefited from the bag of food
59 New clients
65 Volunteers participated in distribution activities


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