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First Farm Share USDA delivery

Hi Team –

This is the first week we will be receiving USDA donations from Farm Share.  It all begins tomorrow!  Stephen Zarnecki will rent a truck and travel down to the Farm Share warehouse in Homestead.  He will arrive back at the church about 10:15am tomorrow morning.  We expect about two pallets of food.  This process will be repeated on the Tuesday before each distribution.  If you are available to unload the truck, let us know.

October is a 5 Saturday month, so we have a 3 week break after this week’s distribution.  Don’t worry you will receive a reminder!

Join the fun at our community food pantry – bring a friend.

Many are depending on the food, the clothing, and the smiles they will enjoy at our food pantry.  Come.  Share.  Be a blessing.

~ Linda and Miriam


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