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The New Cornerstone Food Pantry Celebration and Distribution Weekend

The time has come.  We are ONE!  Welcome to The New Cornerstone Food Pantry.

In July, Cutler Ridge UMC and Perrine Peters UMC merged.  There was an established food pantry at each site.  Our combined Food Pantry Team has been working diligently to combine our efforts and finally we are ready to operate One food pantry.  The distribution will be at the Perrine Peters UMC site until renovations have been completed at Cutler Ridge UMC.  The distributions will be on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month; with preparation on the Friday before.  All partnerships with both food pantries will continue.

Come and celebrate and distribute with us this weekend.  At 5:30 PM, after the preparation on Friday, all volunteers are invited to stay or come and enjoy light refreshments and cake.  We will have a short, mandatory Civil Rights training in compliance with Farm Share requirements; then talk about food pantry activities and memories.  I hope everyone can come at 5:30 to celebrate. 

September is Hunger awareness Month.  Since the principal at Cutler Ridge Elementary has supported our food pantry in the past, she reached out to organize a food drive.  They decided to collect pasta.  Kevin and Tom went to their satellite school at Assurant; Jan, Howard, Jane, and Linda went to CRE; together.  We collected 512 boxes of pasta!  Some of the children said – “we’re learning about the poor people who live in our community” as they placed their pasta in our crates.  Your food pantry is having an impact in ways we can’t even imagine!

We also received donations from Commissioner Levine-Cava’s office today.  Her community liaison, Rick Morgan, has driven by the Cutler Ridge food pantry in the past, spoken to Miriam, and thought of her when they had extra food at a recent event.  Everyone finds great joy in giving!

Information from the September 19 Distribution
201     People picked up a bag of food
668     Individuals benefited from the bag of food
62       Volunteers participated in distribution activities
156     Volunteer hours were logged

Volunteer groups
Boy Scout troop 314

Feeding South Florida        non-perishable USDA, 216 hams
Aldi’s                                      400 bread
Sweet Delights                     cake

Thank you for your passion to make a difference where you live!
~ Linda and Miriam

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