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Tons of thanks Publix!

Hi Team —

We have been truly blessed by our partnership with Publix! During their Spring Donation Program recently they asked shoppers to donate money for food items that would be given to a local food pantry – and that food pantry was us! Kevin had to rent a 16’ truck and make five trips to Publix to transport tons of food to the church. Tom and Jane and Pete and Barbara and Paul were on hand to help. Thank you all. It was a huge undertaking. Some of the food was distributed. Most was stored on the stage and in the room next to the office. It was filled top to bottom, front to back. What a blessing to have corn, cereal, rice, peanut butter, stew, tuna, etc, etc to share with our clients!

We are distributing this weekend. Several of our regular volunteers will not be able to assist so we can use your help. Come and participate. It will bring you great joy.

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