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Sweet De-Lights bakery sweetens distribution Saturdays!

Hi Team!

cakeIt’s good to be home.  I enjoyed a wonderful trip with friends in the Dominican Republic.  And while I was away I heard that cake and pie was served with the coffee at the last distribution.  I bet that woke everyone up!  The sweets were donated by Debbie from Sweet De-Lights.  She is our newest food pantry partner.  Here’s how she became connected to us – Kevin, John, and Tom after or before their run to the farm for tomatoes or string beans on a Friday afternoon would stop by Debbie’s store and have a piece of pie (as a reward for all their hard work).  They got to chatting and Debbie wanted to be a part of the food pantry.  “I can bake!”  And so Debbie has joined the team.  She uses her talents to bring smiles on Saturday morning.  Thank you, Debbie!

I am going to share her contact information so you can further ‘test’ her goodies:
Sweet De-Lights
Located in the historical Lee’s Key Lime Store
23135 So. Dixie Hwy
768-339-9790/ 786-728-2666

Also, we have a new food pantry sign at the entrance to our parking lot.  Thank you Kevin!  It is magnificent.  And no more rain issues – it’s metallic.

This week Tom and I visited the Feeding South Florida facility in Pembroke Park to attend a training which will enable us to pick up frozen foods from local supermarkets.  The next step is to find a partner supermarket and a vehicle to transport the food.

Thank you for all you do.  Working together we make a difference!

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