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First, good news – Brad Tucker performed the Feeding South Florida annual site visit at the last distribution.  We received our “No Plan of Corrections” certificate yesterday.  That means we had NO outstanding issues.  Brad commended everyone on their service to our food pantry.  And so do I!  Bravo.

Second, more good news – Kevin purchased a refurbished pallet jack.  He and Ralf and Lori picked it up yesterday.  It is now living in our storage closet next to the stage.  The jack will facilitate moving our food every Tuesday from the FSF truck to the stage.  And from the backs of our Tuesday morning volunteers, I’m hearing a resounding – YAY!

Our next distribution is Easter weekend and the end of Spring Break.  We have many volunteers who can’t attend so please make an extra effort to be at the distribution if you’re in town and available!


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